MOSCOW, April 25 (RAPSI, Lyudmila Klenko) – The Basmanny District Court of Moscow has extended detention of Yevgeny Olkhovik, a co-owner of top Russian group of companies Renova and Boris Vaynzikher, CEO of Renova’s subsidiary, T Plus Company, the court’s spokesperson Yunona Tsareva told RAPSI on Tuesday.

Olkhovik and Vaynzikher involved in a bribery case will stay in jail until August.

Investigators in Russia’s Republic of Komi have initiated a criminal case against some former and acting managers of Kompleksnye Energeticheskiye Sistemy (KES) company, of which T Plus is the legal successor, on suspicion of large-scale bribery. At that time, the offices of the company’s parent holding Renova were also raided.

Three men holding CEO posts in the KES at different time, Olkhovik, Vaynzikher and Mikhail Slobodin are involved in the case. Vaynzikher and Olkhovik are currently in detention. Slobodin has been arrested in absentia. His whereabouts remain unknown.

Investigators believe that between 2007 and 2014 the defendants bribed officials currently involved in the criminal case against the Republic’s ex-head Vyacheslav Gaizer with money and other assets. In total, they transferred over 800 million rubles ($13.3 million) to bribetakers.