MOSCOW, June 5 (RAPSI, Diana Gutsul) – The Supreme Court of Tatarstan has ordered Russia’s Interior Ministry to pay 70,000 rubles ($1,200) to a man tortured in a police office, lawyer Andrey Suchkov told RAPSI on Monday.

The ruling will be appealed. Suchkov said the awarded sum is inconsistent with the plaintiff’s depths of physical and moral suffering, as well as with standards of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

According to case papers, on February 2016, a police officer questioned the man suspected of theft. The suspect pleaded not guilty, and as a result the police officer tortured him with the use of electric shocker.

In October 2016, a court in the town of Almetyevsk gave the police officer a 5-year suspended sentence and banned him from working in law enforcement agencies for the same period.

In his claim, the police officer’s victim demanded a 750,000-ruble compensation ($13,200) for moral injury. In March 2017, a court in Kazan ordered Russia’s Interior Ministry to pay 20,000 rubles ($353) to the plaintiff. The man appealed the ruling. The Supreme Court of Tatarstan thus overturned the lower court’s decision.