MOSCOW, August 22 (RAPSI) – Representative of Rosbank said on Tuesday that the bank’s demands against former owner of the prominent construction company group SU-155 Mikhail Balakin reaches 3 billion rubles (about $50.8 million), RIA Novosti has reported.

On Tuesday, the Moscow Commercial Court reviewed a motion filed by Rosbank seeking Balakin’s bankruptcy. In May, the court dismissed similar motion filed by Sberbank after the defendant repaid his debt.

Rosbank’s representative said in court that Balakin acted as a guarantor for two loan agreements denominated in dollars. Name of the borrower was not specified.

The court postponed hearings in this case until October 10 setting hearings in bank Otkritie’s lawsuit against the defendant on the same date. Otkritie seeks 5 billion rubles (about $84.7 million) from Balakin.

The bankruptcy case against Balakin was initiated on the request of Sberbank in November 2015. At that time, the debt of the SU-155 ex-owner to Sberbank reached more than 324 million rubles (about $5.4 million). Balakin gradually repayed the debt.