MOSCOW, September 6 (RAPSI) – Bank Peresvet has filed a claim with the Moscow Commercial Court seeking to include about 295 million rubles (about $5.1 million) in creditors demands list against Lenur Islyamov, one of the initiators of food blockade of Crimea, the court’s ruling reads on Wednesday.

The hearing is set for October 2.

In May, the court found the deal between bank Eurocredit and Islyamov to be unlawful and ruled to include a house in the Moscow Region into the list of property restructured by bankruptcy procedure. In December 2016, the court held that Islyamov owes Eurocredit Bank 234 million rubles (about $4 million at the current exchange rate).

Islyamov was declared bankrupt on July 18, 2016.

On March 16 of the same year, the court introduced a procedure for restructuring of Islyamov’s debt upon the application of Sberbank of Russia. According to the bank’s representative, the businessman’s debt under two loans is estimated at 1.1 billion rubles ($17.4 million). Islyamov was a loan guarantor for the Queen Group Company that received these credits. The company later has been declared bankrupt.

Islyamov owns TV company ATR, transportation company SimCityTrans, and retail chain ICom selling Apple products.

In June 2016, the Commercial Court of Crimea suspended operations of SimCityTrans for 90 days on the grounds that the company committed a serious administrative offence with regard to licensing regulations.

In May 2014, Islyamov, who at that time was Deputy Chairman of the Crimean Council of Ministers responsible for repatriates, water provision and utilities, was dismissed as failing to cope with these responsibilities.

The Crimean investigators launched probe into Islyamov and in November 2015 raided the offices of companies he controlled on the peninsula.

Earlier, Crimea's Prosecutor’s Office informed that two men (Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov) behind the peninsula blockade had been put on the international and one (Lenur Islyamov) on the federal wanted lists.