MOSCOW, October 30 (RAPSI) – The Federal District Court of Connecticut has received a search warrant concerning electronic devices belonging to Russian national Peter Levashov, who may be extradited from Spain on cybercrime charges, court documents available to RAPSI read on Monday.

Among the property of Levashov, which is to be examined, are a solid-state drive, a memory card, a Sony Xperia tablet and several Apple products, including “one black and silver Apple watch.” At the moment all of these items are in possession of the FBI.

According to the authorities, these devices may contain information related to cybercrimes. Specialists are to search for malicious software, any data referencing Kelihos aka Hlux botnet and any data indicative of harvesting credentials. It is also planned to search for Levashov’s communications and information on his financial accounts, including cryptocurrency wallets or purses.

In April, Levashov was arrested in Barcelona on request of the United States. According to the U.S. Ministry of Justice Levashov has administered Kelihos botnet since 2010. The malware was used to distribute hundreds of millions of spam-messages. The Ministry noted that Levashov was listed in Top Ten Worst Spammers list compilated by anti-spam group Spamhaus.

The U.S. authorities believe that Levashov used credentials of other users, obtained through infected computers, to spread spam. In addition, they allege that the botnet was used to install malware for theft of users’ banking data.

In 2007, Levashov faced charges in the state of Michigan and in 2009 in Federal District Court of Columbia.

In September, the U.S. authorities asked a court in Alaska to issue a ruling in a civil case against Levashov because he did not react to the lawsuit in time.