MOSCOW, December 4 (RAPSI) – Structures of Prosperity Capital asset managing firm have filed a lawsuit with the Sverdlovsk Regional Commercial Court seeking to recover 8 billion rubles (about $136 million) from Enel Investment Holding B.V., a shareholder of Russian energy company Enel Russia, court documents read on Monday.

Plaintiffs in the case are The Prosperity Quest Fund, Prosperity Russia Domestic Fund Limited, Prosperity Capital Management SICAV and The Russian Prosperity Fund. Five top managers of Enel Investment are also defendants in this case.

An international group of companies, Enel Group owns 54.6% of Enel Russia shares. In July 2015, it came to public attention that 5.18% of the latter company’s shares were bought out by Prosperity Capital.

Earlier, the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Commercial Court has set hearing of a lawsuit filed by companies related to Prosperity Capital seeking to recover 11.4 billion rubles (about $193.5 million) from Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska for December 20.