MOSCOW, July 19 (RAPSI) – The Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) has filed a request with the Moscow Commercial Court seeking to seize property of 21 former managers of MAST-Bank valued at 13.1 billion rubles ($20.7 million), the court ruling reads.

Review of this motion was postponed until August 13.

The bank was declared bankrupt in August 2015. During the bankruptcy procedure it was found that the bank’s management made several deals exchanging the bank’s assets with unpayable debts of individuals and legal entities. It was also found that the bank did not take measures to prevent its bankruptcy.

Earlier, ex-president of now insolvent MAST-Bank Yury Pirogov and two other ex-managers have pleaded not guilty to embezzlement of 5.6 billion rubles ($90 million).

Investigators believe that in 2013-2015 the defendants stole funds by giving out non-performing credits to companies under their control and then transferred money further to other organizations.

The defendants were detained until September 27.

Earlier, the court sentenced ex-top manager of the bank Alexander Chemetov to 4.5 years in a penal colony. Chemetov admitted his guilt in full.