MOSCOW, September 4 (RAPSI) – The North Caucasus District Military Court has sentenced Akhmet Baloyev, a member of the Islamic State terrorist organization banned in Russia, to 12 years in prison for rendering assistance to terrorists, the court’s spokesperson Alena Katkalo has told RAPSI.

Baloyev has been found guilty of pushing for terrorist activities, justifying terrorism and illegal weapon possession.

According to investigators, in September 2012, Baloyev aiming to deliver food product to terrorists and fulfill other assignments joined the Caucasus Emirate, a part of the Islamic State terrorist organization. From September 2012 to August 2017, the defendant supplied terrorists with food, personal-care products, household appliances. Moreover, he transferred terrorists through Russia’s Republic of Ingushetia in his car.

During Baloyev’s arrest police seized a rocket propelled grenade from his premises.

The Islamic State, an organization which is prohibited in Russia, is currently one of the major threats to global security. Over three years, these terrorists have managed to seize large areas of Iraq and Syria. Currently, various forces combat the organization in both countries with battle for Iraqi Mosul as one of the most crucial directions.