MOSCOW, October 25 (RAPSI) – The North Caucasus District Military Court sentenced Bekhan Zubayrayev, a man who was raising funds to support the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization banned in Russia, to 16 years in a high-security prison, the court’s spokesperson Alena Katkalo told RAPSI on Thursday. 

According to investigators, in April 2016, Zubayrayev serving at that time sentence in Austria for participation in terrorist activities created a closed chat in Telegram messenger where he was calling to raise money for his friend preparing to leave for Syria to join ISIS. 

He also asked one of the Telegram group members to transfer the money to his friend, investigation claimed. In April 2016, a 600-euro money order was made out, the statement reads. 

The Islamic State, an organization which is prohibited in Russia, is currently one of the major threats to global security. Over three years, these terrorists have managed to seize large areas of Iraq and Syria. The organization is also attempting to spread its influence on North Africa – particularly, Libya. The area controlled by ISIS covers up to 90,000 square kilometers.