MOSCOW, October 29 (RAPSI) – Moscow’s Tushinsky District Court has closed a case on large scale fraud and organizing falsification of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities against deceased ex-lawmaker Denis Voronenkov without a right to rehabilitation, RAPSI reports from the courtroom.

A motion to withdraw the case because of the defendant’s death has been lodged by Voronenkov’s son Nikolay. A prosecutor has affirmed the motion as the former lawmaker’s relatives have not sought for his rehabilitation, while businessman Otari Kobakhidze, a victim in the case, has demanded conviction of Voronenkov.

Russian investigators claimed that ex-lawmaker was involved in a raid aimed at seizing a two-story building in central Moscow in 2011 owned by Kobakhidze, founder of the company TOMA. The allegations were reportedly based on the testimony of a group of people who had been convicted and sentenced in the case.

After Kobakhidze delegated full control of the company to its CEO Marina Vladimirskaya, she took advantage of the situation. She reportedly decided with her acquaintance, a retired police officer, Vyacheslav Polozkov, to alter the registration documents and sell the building valued at 127 million rubles ($2 million). Several other persons including Voronenkov were implicated in the case, according to investigators. The building was sold for 20 million rubles (about $305,000). Customer Vitaly Kachur, the owner of Chance Company, illegally paid Voronenkov $1.2 million, the Investigative Committee’s press service reported earlier.

Kobakhidze turned to court and managed to regain control of the company and the building. Those involved in the raid pleaded guilty, agreed to cooperate with investigators and testified against Voronenkov.

Voronenkov claimed that the criminal prosecution of him was politically motivated.

In October 2016, the former member of the Communist Party moved to Ukraine along with his wife Maria Maksakova, also an ex-lawmaker, and received Ukrainian citizenship in December 2016.

In Russia he was put on the wanted list and arrested in absentia.

On March 23, 2017, Voronenkov was shot dead in the central part of Ukrainian capital Kiev. Ukraine’s authorities accused businessman Vladimir Tyurin, ex-husband of Maksakova, of organizing the murder of Voronenkov, and put him on the wanted list.