ST. PETERSBURG, November 21 (RAPSI) - Ex-court secretary Alexander Eyvazov has been acquitted of perverting the course of justice, RAPSI has learnt from the United press service of St. Petersburg courts. 

Eyvazov has a right to rehabilitation, the statement reads.

In July, the Kalininsky District Court of St. Petersburg sentenced the former court clerk to 22 months in penal colony settlement. 

An appeals court has overturned the ruling due to the absence of the event of a crime, according to the press service.

Ex- secretary of the Oktyabrsky District Court of St. Petersburg Eyvazov has been charged with attempting to overturn a sentence given to municipal lawmaker Timofey Kungurov.

Earlier, his defense attorney Ivan Pavlov told RAPSI that he was not guilty and that the court, where Eyvazov used to work, exploited the situation against the former secretary. According to the attorney, the defendant was working on Kungurov’s case only for one day and got ill shortly thereafter. Allegedly, another secretary worked on the case and Eyvazov was asked to sign record written by that person. When Eyvazov refused, he was fired and became the defendant in the criminal case.

Investigators said that on November 15, 2016, Eyvazov acted as the secretary at the hearings in a criminal case against Kungurov and was responsible for keeping record of the trial. However, he did not sign the court record on time.

In accordance with the Russian Criminal Procedure Code, Eyvazov had to produce and sign the court record within three days. Investigators claimed that having personal enmity with a judge in the case he wanted to reverse the sentence. Investigators also alleged that he failed to complete his task on purpose and caused insurmountable obstacles for justice.