MOSCOW, December 24 (RAPSI) – Moscow’s Simonovsky District Court has convicted and sentenced ex-judge of the Moscow Commercial Court Igor Korogodov and attorney Alexander Mosin as part of a $70,000 embezzlement case, the press service of Russia’s Investigative Committee reports Monday.

Korogodov has received 5.5 years in prison while Mosin has been given 3 years behind bars. The men have been found guilty of attempted embezzlement.

According to investigation, in January 2016, Korogodov offered legal assistance of Mosin to a former director of one of firms in a bankruptcy case. He promised the businessman that the lawyer could assist in the further delivery of a ruling in his favor. The judge asked $70,000 for his help.

The defendants were arrested when receiving the money. It was found that Korogodov and Mosin planned to spend $70,000 in their discretion.