MOSCOW, March 21 (RAPSI) - Judge emeritus of the Saratov Regional Court Vladimir Stasenkov has received six years in colony for a promise to reverse a judgment of conviction for 15 million rubles (over $235,000), according to the Investigative Committee’s website.

Additionally, he has been fined 500,000 rubles (about $8,000).

The former judge has been found guilty of attempted fraud committed with the use of official position, the statement reads.

According to a court ruling, Stasenkov has received 150,000 rubles ($2,300) and fake banknotes worth 5 million rubles as a fist part of a would-be 15-million-ruble reward from his acquaintance acting as part of a sting operation. The defendant has demanded the money for vacation of a ruling against a person convicted to eight years behind bars for fraud.

However, Stasenkov was not a member of the bench considering that case and could not influence the adoption of any decision, the Investigative Committee noted.

The defendant has pleaded not guilty.