MOSCOW, April 8 (RAPSI) - Russia’s Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) has filed an appeal against the Moscow City Сourt’s refusal to seize assets worth 3.9 billion rubles (about $60 million) belonging to ex-owner of the Russian Credit bank Anatoly Motylev, according to court records.

The Moscow Commercial Court dismissed the DIA’s motion in November. Moreover, the court dismissed a similar DIA’s claim in the amount from 5.5 to 6.5 billion rubles in relation to four other managers of the bank.

The motions have been lodged as part of the DIA’s demand to collect damages worth over 12 billion rubles from the former Russian Credit top managers. According to the applicant, the defendants have granted loans to companies, which have not had adequate return and property to service debts.

Russian Credit was declared bankrupt in October 2015.

In May 2018, the bank filed a claim to include nearly 33.3 billion rubles (about $500 million) in the creditors’ demands list against former head of the banking group Motylev.

Motylev, who currently lives abroad, is a former owner of several Russian banks including Russian Credit, M Bank, AMB B and Tulsky Industrialist. In July 2015, the Central Bank of Russia revoked licenses of the financial organizations.

In May 2016, Moscow’s Basmanny District Court seized the businessman’s property including several apartments and land plots in the Moscow Region.

Motylev is reportedly a defendant in a case on embezzlement at M Bank. Allegedly, over 1 billion rubles were transferred from the bank to phony companies where they were cashed and stolen.