MOSCOW, September 16 (RAPSI) – The Supreme Court of Russia in the first half of 2019 vacated judgements of guilt twice as frequently as acquittals, according to the judicial statistics published on the court’s website.

Convictions were quashed in relation to 20 defendants with the order cases to be reviewed, while acquittals were reversed in relation to 10 people, the survey reads.

In total, the Supreme Court’s penal chamber considered 456 appeals of 792 defendants. According to the court, appeals concerning 93 cases against 175 people were granted. Six cases were dropped while 11 cases were dismissed without hearing.

The survey shows that appeals against 702 convicts and acquittal of 39 people were considered as well as 4 orders on compulsory treatment and one order on the dismissal of a criminal case because of the expiry of the statute of limitation.

As a result of the appeals hearings, sentences and other judgments including compulsory treatment were overturned in relation to 31 persons. Order to drop charges due to the expiration of statute of limitation was overturned against one individual.

Sentences against 77 convicts were changed, as well as charges against 6 convicts. Moreover, punishment was mitigated for 62 convicts and toughened against 9 ones, according to the statistics.

Verdicts against 572 people were upheld, the Supreme Court’s survey reads.