MOSCOW, September 27 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Supreme Court had upheld an opinion of the Prosecutor General’s Office declining to rehabilitate a former deputy commander of an army within the Soviet armed forces during WWII, colonel Vladimir Artsezo, the agency’s press-service told RAPSI on Friday.

The Prosecutor General’s Office noted that in the course of an examination launched at a request of a foreign citizen it was established that Artsezo, who commanded armored units of the 57th Army, was found guilty by a court decision of yielding himself prisoner and revealing to the German military command all secret information about armored forces of the Red Army known to him.

Following his anti-Soviet convictions and beliefs that the Red Army was losing the war, Artsezo became a traitor and acted as an officer of the enemy’s intelligence services. As recognition of his services, he was twice decorated and given the rank of Major General of the German army, the document reads.The examination of the case materials made the Prosecutor General’s Office to believe that the sentence was supported by sufficient evidence and Artsezo should not be rehabilitated.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office statistics, since 1991 military prosecutors have inspected over 270,000 criminal cases against 300,000 persons, of which 180,000 were found not deserving rehabilitation.