MOSCOW, October 15 (RAPSI) – Prosecutors on Tuesday asked the Moscow Regional Court to reduce a punishment term for businessman Konstantin Ponomarev, known for his dispute with IKEA over rented diesel generators and convicted of false denunciation, by recalculating the time he had spent in custody, RAPSI reported from the courtroom.

Namely, the prosecutors asked to count 2 day in jail 1.5. A same motion was filed in relation to the businessman’s lawyer Maxim Zagorsky, who had been also convicted in the case.  However, they requested not to take into account new rules of the calculation of house arrest term of Zagorsky.

On July 9, a court in Lyubertsy, a town in the Moscow Region, found Ponomarev guilty of false denunciation and passed the sentence on him. His lawyer Maxim Zagorsky received 7 years and 8 months behind bars. He was also banned from practicing law for 3 years. A judge held that the defendants committed several crimes related to evidence simulation. The attorney was an organizer of the criminal group, the ruling read.

The trial of Ponomarev and Zagorsky began in December 2018.  Investigators considered initiation of criminal proceedings by a private person on Ponomarev’s appeal as false denunciation.

The defendants pleaded not guilty and insisted on acquittal.

Ponomarev was embroiled in a long-standing dispute with IKEA that opted to rent diesel generators to power its shopping malls in St. Petersburg. Five criminal cases were opened against the businessman at the request of the Swedish retailer. However, a probe over alleged fraud found nothing, and the cases were dropped.

The businessman believes that the false denunciation case was resulted from the conflict with IKEA. Ponomarev claims that the company thus wants to stretch the time and siphon assets in order to avoid paying a multibillion debt to him.