MOSCOW, October 18 (RAPSI) - Chairman of Russia’s Council of Judges Viсtor Momotov believes that revocation of certain authorities of court chairmen will advance efficiency of justice and strengthen independence of law.

Currently, the Supreme Court of Russia is implementing a major judicial reform envisaging a range of serious measures aimed to improve the judicial independence standards, including devolution of authority from courts’ chairpersons to the bodies of judiciary. This “shift in emphasis” is leading to a judicial corporation’s enhancing and therefore to the strengthening of judges’ independence; extension of powers of bodies of judiciary shows a high level of the development of legal order and culture, Momotov said during a meeting of the Federation Council’s Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building on Friday.

He reminded that on September 1 three main changes in this sphere became active. Chairmen of courts were deprived of powers to initiate disciplinary proceedings against judges. Such proceedings may now be launched on the applications filed by individuals, organizations or the Council of Judges.

They also may not check complaints about judges’ disciplinary offenses.

Moreover, they were stripped of the right of veto meaning a power to disagree with a decision of a qualification board of judges concerning judge candidacy recommendations, Momotov said.