MOSCOW, March 30 (RAPSI) - Viktor Zakharchenko, the father of convicted ex-anticorruption official Dmitry Zakharchenko, has leaved prison after completion of his sentence for embezzlement, his lawyer Valeria Tunnikova has told RAPSI.

Viktor Zakharchenko received 4 years in prison and was fined 800,000 rubles ($12,500) for embezzlement in April 2019. Another defendant ex-board chairman of the Moscow Hypothec Agency bank Vladimir Koryevkin was sentenced to 4.5 years behind bars and a 900,000-ruble fine ($14,000).

In November, the Moscow City Court reduced Zakharchenko’s sentence to 3 years and 9 months. The court removed the wording “with the use of job position” from the charges. The sentence of Koryevkin, was mitigated by 6 months.

According to investigators, the father of Dmitry Zakharchenko was fraudulently employed at the Moscow Hypothec Agency bank but did not do any actual work. Damage caused to the bank reached as high as 5 million rubles ($80,000). Investigators believe that Koryevkin’s actions caused damage estimated at 1.5 million rubles (over $23,000).

The bank recognized as injured party in the case filed a 12.3-million-ruble ($155,000) claim against the defendants.