MOSCOW, April 21 (RAPSI) – The Moscow City Court has upheld sentence in a case over home-invasion robbery against a prosecutor assistant Dmitry Nekrasov that had resulted in his death, RAPSI has learnt from the court’s press service.

An appeal filed by defendant Andrey Glukhikh has been therefore dismissed.

In late December, Glukhikh was sentenced to 7.5 years behind bars for home-invasion robbery.

According to the case papers, Glukhikh along with his accomplices searched on the Internet for “a nonstandard sexual orientation person” to enter the victim’s home and steal his or her property using violence. As a result, the criminals stole 100 rubles, IQOS, a bottle of Hennesy cogniac, a bottle of vodka, a cup, a laptop and several jackets.

Glukhikh partially pleaded guilty claiming that they had intentionally searched a gay victim as they believed that nobody would apply to law enforcement because of the sexual orientation.

The death of the prosecutor assistant was caused by tie used as a gag. The court held that Glukhikh was not involved in the murder as his accomplice was the last to leave the victim’s flat.