MOSCOW, April 29 (RAPSI) – The Babushkinsky District Court will hold the hearing of oral arguments in a case against Nadezhda Kulikova, who has left her son alone in a Moscow reservation park for a night, on May 28, the court’s press service reports.

Kulikova, 34, stands charged with attempted murder and failure to fulfill her parental duties bundled with cruelty against a minor, the statement reads.

Investigators claim that the woman appealed to police over disappearance of her son born in 2012 on the early morning of February 18, 2019. According to a missing child report filed by Kulikova, on the evening of February 17, she drove into the National Park Elk Island at the request of the boy. In the forest the child ran away and failed to return, she stated. However, the woman did not apply for help while her son was trying to find a hole in the cold all the night, according to investigators.

In the early morning of February 18, 2019, a passing by driver found the boy going along a highway and helped him. He told investigators during questioning that the child was going with a bag and sticky tape put on him.

The boy’s version also contradicts to his mother’s statements.

During the search in the woman’s car investigators seized three bolts of scotch tapes, a knife and hair from a booster chair.

The women underwent a mental examination which showed that she needed compulsory treatment.