MOSCOW, July 3 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Child Rights Commissioner Anna Kuznetsova believes a case over sexual battery against a 1.5-year girl by her father is to be reconsidered to the fullest extent of the law.

In April, a court in town of Bugulma acquitted a local resident of sexual assault on his kid because of absence of the event of a crime.  Prosecutors challenged the ruling.

On July 3, the acquittal was reversed by the Tatarstan Supreme Court.

The ombudsman thanked prosecutors, her regional colleague for their prompt reaction and asked guardianship and wardship authorities to join the case.

In late June, Kuznetsova said she held control over the situation in the Republic of Tatarstan where a court has acquitted a man of sexual battery against his 1.5-year daughter. Kuznetsova was in contact with a republican minors’ ombudsman. She stated it necessary to sort out the situation because the matter is protection of rights of a little child who even cannot tell of the incident.