MOSCOW, July 17 (RAPSI) – A court in the Nenets Autonomous Area sentenced a guard of the private security firm Svyatogor, who had let a kid murder enter a kindergarten in the town of Naryan-Mar, to 2.5 years in penal colony, the press service of Russia’s Investigative Committee reports.

The court also ordered payment of 600,000 rubles ($8,300) in compensation to each victim in the case, the statement reads.

The defendant was found guilty of providing substandard services that negligently led to the death of a minor.

On October 31, a resident of Naryan-Mar in the Nenets Autonomous Area entered the local kindergarten in a drunken state and stabbed a child of 6 years with a knife. The boy died on the scene.

Initially, the man refused to give testimony, but later he pleaded guilty to the murder and told an investigator that he heard voices in his head. The defendant was put in detention.

During the trial a local court held that the man had committed the murder of a minor. However, a mental examination found him insane. According to the results of a psychiatric examination, the man suffers from a mental illness and was of unsound mind when committing the crime, the statement reads.

In March, the court found the defendant guilty of killing a 6-year boy in a local kindergarten and sentenced him to the compulsory mental treatment.