MOSCOW, August 26 (RAPSI) – Attorney Elman Pashayev currently defending actor Mikhail Efremov charged with drunken fatal crash on Wednesday was summoned to a face-to-face confrontation in a case over alleged stealing of 3 million rubles from his former client, a source familiar with the matter told RAPSI.

Mass applications forced police to revive old cases against Pashayev including the case of businessman Anzor Psunokov. Earlier, a former assistant to Pashayev was arrested and taken to police. Today, Pashayev was called out to the confrontation, the source said.

The lawyer confirmed his participation in the confrontations with Psunokov and accused witnesses in this case of frame-up.

The case was opened against Pashayev in October 2017 upon an application of his former client Psunokov. In the course of three years, no suspects were determined, according to the agency’s source. However, after Pashayev’s TV appearance and turned to police that triggered the case revival, the source stated.

Pashayev believes his prosecution is a police revenge for his participation in the case against Efremov.