MOSCOW, September 2 (RAPSI) – The Moscow Regional Court on Wednesday dismissed an appeal by a resident of town of Krasnogorsk Valery Kubarev against denial to legally establish his relation to Russian medieval ruler Ivan the Terrible, the plaintiff told RAPSI.

In late January, a court in Krasnogorsk, a town in the Moscow Region, dismissed a lawsuit lodged by Kubarev. He sought to legally establish his relation to Russian medieval ruler Ivan the Terrible and intended to move for a DNA expert investigation of male Moscow princes, buried in the Kremlin. 

 “As a result of a research I have carried out on my own basing on publicly available data, that is, ‘Genealogical tables pertaining to the history of European states,’ it was established that the petitioner is a direct relative of Ivan IV the Terrible, now buried in the burial place of grand princes and tsars in Archangel Cathedral,” Kubarev told RAPSI earlier.

Giving the fact that he cannot prove his relation to the royal dynasty under the procedure established by the civil legislation, he had to turn to courts, Kubarev explained. His purpose, the petitioner said, was to care about the burial place of his alleged relative, but he was not allowed to do so by law until providing proof of real kinship.

Russia’s Culture Ministry was named as the defendant in the case.

Kubarev is going to appeal the court ruling and has not rule out a possibility to turn to the European Court of Human Rights.