MOSCOW, October 2 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office has approved a charging document with respect to Ukrainian national Yury Guiva, a defendant in a case over the murder of the CEO of the Repairs and Construction Directorate of the Russian Interior Ministry Nikolay Volkov, according to the body’s press service statement.

The case is to be tried by the Moscow City Court.

Guiva stays charged with hired killing committed by an organized gang, as well as illegal purchase, transfer, possession, transport, and bearing of firearms and ammunition.

Investigators allege that in 2017 a businessmen, who is currently a defendant in a criminal case tried by the Moscow City Court, asked his acquaintance Vladimir Bogdanov to organize the murder of Volkov in order to steal certain financial documents; Bogdanov was to be paid thee million rubles (about $40,000 at the current exchange rate). For committing the murder Bogdanov conspired with Guiva, who killed Volkov in March 2017.