MOSCOW, October 12 (RAPSI) – A court in Yekaterinburg, a city in Russia’s Ural, will hear a case against a local attorney, who stands accused of a 300,000-ruble fraud ($4,000), the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office reports.

According to the investigation, in the spring of 2012, the defendant received 300,000 rubles for alleged solving of a question on the issuance of an order to dismiss criminal complaint against a deputy director of one of the local enterprises and took possession of the money.

When being asked to return the received funds, the lawyer turned to police complaining of extortion.

The attorney is also charged with giving a bribe in the form of a hunting carbine and rebarreling worth over 290,000 rubles for committing actions in the interest of a company he represented, the statement reads.