MOSCOW, November 20 (RAPSI) – Russia and foreign countries need to join efforts of politicians, human rights activists, and experts as to the monitoring of manifestations of resurgence of neo-Nazi phenomena and improve relevant mechanisms aimed to counter this problem, Russia’s Civic Chamber member Alexander Brod believes.

As the world passes through the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg process, it is time to recall the words of Russia’s President, who said that attempts to forget the decisions and the principles of this international trial undermine the security on the global scale. Many Nuremberg lessons have been forgotten, in a number of countries politicians continue to rewrite the WWII history downplaying the role the Soviet Union and its multiethnic people played in winning the victory over Nazi Germany. New Nazis are presented as celebrated heroes of the fight for national liberation to the detriment of antifascists, Brod observed.

The expert specially noted the importance of the fact that Russia had once again moved that the U.N. adopted a resolution condemning glorification of Nazism, which was backed by 122 countries; among those casting their votes against the draft document were Ukraine and the U.S.A., Brod said.