MOSCOW, December 24 (RAPSI) – A court in Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan on Thursday sentenced ex-police officer Dinar Gafiyatov to 4 years in penal colony for organization of slave labour on a farm belonging to his father, Andrey Suchkov, the lawyer for a victim, told RAPSI. 

The defendant was also prohibited from working in law enforcement bodies for 3 years, the attorney added.

In late November, prosecution demanded 14 years in high-security penal colony for Gafiyatov.

According to the attorney, a sister of a local resident Idris Sadykov turned to police that led to the his release from slavery. The victim claimed that in May 2019 then policeman Gafiyatov abducted him from home and illegally impelled to the work on the farm. 

The case papers read that Gafiyatov also systematically beat Sadykov and threatened to make him a defendant in a criminal case.

The former police officer was charged with slave labour and abuse of power with the use of force and put in detention. He denied guilt. A case against his father was severed.