MOSCOW, January 18 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) on Monday asked a court in Khimki, a town near Moscow, to put Alexey Navalny in detention, his attorney Vadim Kobzev told RAPSI.

On Sunday, the blogger was arrested at the Sheremetyevo Airport on his return from Germany based on the search warrant issued in late December.

In December 2014, he received a 3.5-year suspended sentence, a 500,000-ruble fine for embezzlement and 5-year probation after the sentence is served. In August 2017, probation was extended for a year.

In late December 2020, FSIN officials warned Navalny of the possible replacement of his suspended sentence with a real prison term because of breaching obligations imposed by court and evasion of the penitentiary control.

According to the penitentiary authorities, Navalny left a German hospital yet in September. However, he has failed to appear in a correctional inspection as necessary since then.

On August 20, a plane departed from Tomsk to Moscow with Navalny onboard urgently landed in Omsk after the blogger became heartily sick. He was taken to a hospital in coma. Later, he was transported to Berlin. Russian medics said no poison was found in his body.

Currently, the blogger is also a defendant in two other criminal cases: over fraud and defamation against war veteran Ignat Artemenko.