MOSCOW, February 15 (RAPSI) – The Novosibirsk Regional Court has ordered reconsideration of an appeal filed by lawyer Vyacheslav Gimadi over alleged inaction of investigator as to the summer incident with Alexey Navalny, according to the court’s official website.

The matter is to be reviewed by the city’s Leninsky District Court.

Earlier, the court dismissed the lawyer’s appeal against the investigator’s inaction in the investigation of the hospitalization of Navalny in Omsk.

In late August, investigators of the Siberian Federal District’ transport police started a pre-investigation check over hospitalization of Navalny in Omsk on August 20. As part of the probe, the police searched a hotel room where Navalny stayed and examined objects and sites on his route. Over 100 items which may be evidence were seized; video records were analyzed. More than 20 criminal examinations are conducted including medical forensic, biological and physical and chemical evaluations. By today, no potent or narcotic substances were found, the police statement reads.

On August 20, a plane departed from Tomsk to Moscow with Navalny onboard urgently landed in Omsk after the blogger became heartily sick. He was taken to a hospital in coma. Later, he was transported to Berlin. Russian medics said no poison was found in the blogger’s body.