MOSCOW, May 27 (RAPSI) — The Voronezh Regional Court has imposed a fine on local resident Alexander Khoroshiltsev, who posted a photo of Adolf Hitler on the Immortal Regiment website, the press service of the Russian Investigative Committee informs RAPSI on Thursday.   

Investigators and the court established that Khoroshiltsev, no later than May 4, 2020, aiming to approve the crimes defined as such by the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg, posted a photo of Adolf Hitler in the public domain on the Memory Bank website on the Internet for its further publication on the Immortal Regiment Online website alongside images of veterans of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers, the statement reads.

The court found that Khoroshiltsev approved the participation of the leadership of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, including Hitler, in committing war crimes and crimes against humanity during the Second World War, thereby rehabilitating Nazism on the basis of the evidence presented, including expert examinations and testimony of witnesses, according to the document.

Earlier, the Russian Supreme Court has clarified that a public demonstration of photos of Nazi criminals and their approval in public is to be qualified as a completed act, regardless of the confirmation of the applications by administrators of the Immortal Regiment website. 

This May, the Supreme Court ordered to reconsider the ruling by which Kruglov was fined 120,000 rubles ($1,600 at the current exchange rate) after the court of first instance and the appeal instance considered that he had committed only an "attempt" to rehabilitate Nazism. 

In mid-May 2020, investigative authorities opened criminal cases after finding out that photographs of Nazi criminals were published on websites of the Immortal Regiment movement. The photos were published in the framework of a virtual event aimed at preservation and perpetuating of the memory of the generation fighting against Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War.

According to investigators, on or before May 3 and on or before May 10 unidentified persons published on a freely accessible website a photograph of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler and that of Adolf Hitler respectively; they were falsely designated as participants of the war against the Nazis.