MOSCOW, May 31 (RAPSI) — Officers the Russian Investigative Committee in cooperation with experts with the civil society movement engaged in search for the soldiers and civilians perished in the Great Patriotic War are working on extraction and identification of the remains of those killed at the location of the Dulag-142 concentration camp in the city of Bryansk as part of a criminal case on the genocide of the peoples of the USSR, the press service of the department informs. 

From the materials obtained in the archives of the regional department of the Russian security service (FSB), it follows that the concentration camp operated at this place from 1941 to 1943. During this period, over 80,000 Soviet citizens were held there. Prisoners of war and civilians in the camp were brought to death by creating conditions incompatible with life. Because of the mud, cold, dampness in the barracks, children were the first to die, then the elderly. The prisoners were guarded by representatives of a Ukrainian Nazi battalion.

During the entire period the camp was in operation, over 40,000 people died because of inhuman conditions, more than 18,000 citizens believed to be in good health were selected for forced labor and taken to Nazi Germany. The work to establish all the circumstances of the crime and the persons involved in its commission will continue, since such crimes do not have a statute of limitations, the statement reads.