MOSCOW, June 7 (RAPSI) — Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has put an end to intelligence and subversive activities carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation by a citizen of Ukraine Aleksey Semenyaka, the press service of the body informs on Monday.

As a result of urgent measures taken by the Service, Semenyaka had no time to compromize the external security of the Russian Federation. It was decided that the stay of this foreigner on the territory of Russia was undesirable, so the man was denied entry to the territory of the country for 25 years.

On June 3, 2021, the citizen of Ukraine left the territory of the Russian Federation, the statement reads.

According to the FSB, Semenyaka's activities for a long period of time have been coordinated by Ukrainian counterintelligence officers. In the course of an interview, the citizen of Ukraine confirmed the fact of maintaining long-term relations with representatives of the Ukrainian special service, and that he had provided consultations on a wide range of issues to this service. In the course of the proceedings against Semenyaka, there was registered an attempt by third parties located in the city of Kiev to remotely destroy data contained in his mobile device. These actions were identified by the FSB of Russia as a way to protect Semenyaka by his supervisors from the Ukrainian special service, the FSB said in the statement.