MOSCOW, June 24 (RAPSI) — The Federation Council has approved a bill vesting Russia’s Investigative Committee with extended powers to investigate cases of crimes of medium and lesser severity committed against minors, the press service of the Justice Ministry informs RAPSI on Thursday.

The draft federal law envisages that the Investigative Committee is to be empowered to investigate the following crimes registered by the body: leaving minors in danger, involvement of minors in antisocial actions, neglect of responsibilities related to education of minors. These provisions are to streamline organization of preliminary investigative activities and improve efficiency of guarantees of protection of minors' rights, the ministry said in the statement.

The current legislation defines that the Investigative Committee is to investigate grave and especially grave crimes committed against minors. However, the crimes of lesser or moderate severity registered in the course of the respective investigations are to be investigated by other bodies, and further investigation of such cases by the Committee is possible only under condition that prosecutors give the respective permission.