MOSCOW, July 26 (RAPSI) – Investigators have questioned former journalist Ivan Safronov, who stands charged with treason, as a witness in a criminal case against his attorney Ivan Pavlov, the lawyer’s representative has told RAPSI.

Pavlov described Safronov’s interrogation as non-observance of adversarial system and principle of equality of arms by the investigative authorities.

The attorney’s case is related to an article published by Vedomosti about Ivan Safronov accused of treason. Investigators believe the lawyer gave the newspaper a copy of the decision to bring the journalist to criminal prosecution and told information agencies and Kommersant newspaper about an interrogation of a secret witness in Safronov’s case.

Under the respective articles of the Russian Criminal Code, the charges brought against the lawyer envisage punishment in the form of compulsory work for up to 480 hours, or correctional labor for up to two years, or detention for up to three months.

Pavlov is known for his work for human rights association "Team 29", which provides legal assistance to Safronov and Navalny’s Foundation that was declared a foreign agent and an extremist organization.