MOSCOW, October 5 (RAPSI) — The competent authorities of the Kingdom of Spain extradite to Russia the head of a contractor accused of embezzling 384 million rubles ($5.3 million) in the course of the construction of an Olympic facility in Sochi, the Russian Prosecutor General's Office reports.

According to prosecutors, in the framework of a state targeted program the Main Construction Department of Russia’s Krasnodar Krai made a contract with Ivan Vandyshev's company, and in order to comply with the terms of this contract transferred to the company 1 billion rubles (about $14 million at the current exchange rate); 384 million rubles from this amount were allegedly withdrawn by the charged person.

Vandyshev was put on the federal wanted list in October 2018 as he fled from justice.

In February 2020, Spain informed Russian authorities that the man was apprehended on its territory. The Russian Prosecutor General's Office filed a request for his extradition, which was granted in September 2021, the body said in the statement.

It is expected that Vandyshev will arrive to Moscow this Tuesday.