ST. PETERSBURG, October 11 (RAPSI) — Natalya Norimova, who had already been convicted of embezzling more than 700 million rubles ($9.8 million) from banks Taurus and Ascania Trust, was newly sentenced to 8 years in prison for complicity in the embezzlement of 12.6 million rubles ($176,000) from Vologdabank.

The sentence to the convicted person and her accomplice Ivan Melkov was passed by the Vologda City Court, the United Press Service of the Vologodsky Region Courts informs RAPSI.

Both defendants were found guilty of complicity in embezzlement.

As follows from the case materials, in 2015, in Moscow, Norimova entered into a criminal conspiracy with Tatyana Rusina, who was a defendant in Norimova's previous cases and had been earlier also convicted by the Vologda City Court. At that time Rusina held a senior managerial position in JSC Vologdabank.

In November 2016, the accomplices sold certain vehicles owned by the bank at a discounted price, as well as three land plots belonging to Vologdabank; also, under a fictitious agreement they embezzled 6 million rubles (about $84,000 at the current exchange rate) from the bank. The total damage to the bank amounted to 12, 6 million rubles ($176,000), according to the statement.

Norimova was sentenced to 8 years in prison and a fine of 500,000 rubles ($7,000) for the crimes committed, Melkov was sentenced to 3 years of suspended imprisonment and a fine of 200,000 rubles ($2,800).

The court ruled to recover from the defendants the amount of damages in favor of JSC Vologdabank represented by the Deposit Insurance Agency.