MOSCOW, July 7 (RAPSI) – Investigators have indicted convicted notorious businessman from Krasnoyarsk Anatoly Bykov for organization of a criminal gang and murder committed by a group of people, the Investigative Committee’s press service reports.

According to the investigation, from January 1, 1997 to June 19, 2002, the defendant personally led a gang he organized between January 1990 and January 1997. He allegedly masterminded the murder of a 48-year resident of Krasnoyarsk by inducing the gang members to commit the crime.

The businessman pled not guilty, the statement reads.

In September 2021, the Sverdlovsk District Court of Krasnoyarsk sentenced Bykov to 13 years in penal colony for double murder. Jurors found him guilty of organizing the murder of two residents of Krasnoyarsk, Kirill Voytenko and Alexander Naumov, in 1994. The jurors also considered that the businessman did not deserve leniency.

The court and investigators established that in the first half of 1994, Alexander Naumov, a 23-year old member of a criminal group headed by Bykov, had a conflict with the gang leader because of unjust, according to him, dividing of the joint criminal income. Later, Bykov’s car was exploded. The businessman suspected Naumov and his friend Voytenko of the blast organization and decided to kill them. He ordered his acquaintance Vladimir Tatarenkov to organize the murder; the latter in turn involved his gang members in the crime. On July 24, 1994, Naumov and Voytenko were shot dead, investigators claimed.

Currently, an investigation against Bykov is underway in the criminal cases where the businessman is accused of incitement to attempt and commit murder for hire, grave tax evasion, leading a criminal gang.