WASHINGTON D.C., August 2 (RAPSI) - A small group of Democrat legislators from the US House of Representatives and Senate introduced on Thursday a bill that would require the US Supreme Court Justices to adhere to a code of ethics, as the country’s nine highest ranking judges are presently exempt from abiding by the Code of Conduct for the United States Judges, according to a release issued by Congresswoman Louise Slaughter of New York.

Gallup released a report late last month showing that US approval of the Supreme Court is near an all-time low. According to the polling agency, more Americans disapprove of the Supreme Court than those who approve of it. 43% of Americans approve of the Supreme Court – 6% less than in September. On the other hand, 46% disapprove. 

The agency notes that the poll was conducted at the end of a highly controversial season, including a decision relating to the federal recognition of gay marriage. 

“We are a nation defined by the rule of law, and our government is defined by our comprehensive system of checks and balances. Recent reports of dubious ethical behavior by Supreme Court justices have undermined these two fundamental principles, and have eroded the American people's faith in the Supreme Court as an institution. In order to restore the people's trust, the Supreme Court needs to adopt a Code of Conduct –just as every other federal judge is required by law,” Congresswoman Slaughter was quoted on her website as having said.

The bill was introduced by the Congresswoman alongside Democrat Senators Chris Murphy, Richard Blumenthal, and Sheldon Whitehouse.