ST. PETERSBURG, December 9 - RAPSI. The Constitutional Court has recognized the house arrest regulations unconstitutional, the court's press office reported on Thursday.

The Constitutional Court examined the validity of the house arrest article at the request of Estonian citizen Alexander Fedin. Fedin was sentenced to a long house arrest after he had been released from a pre-trial detention center. He then unsuccessfully appealed the house arrest.

"The court has stated that the house arrest implies isolation and restrictions of a person's rights and freedoms. Therefore, the house arrest should fall within the same rules applied to confinement. The house arrest shall not be imposed for an indefinite period or for an excessive period of time. Meanwhile, the court should set clear and reasonable term for the restriction of rights and freedoms," the court reported.

The Constitutional Court ruled to amend the current legislation.

The court also ordered to reconsider the measure of restraint imposed on the claimant.