ST. PETERSBURG, December 20 - RAPSI. The Constitutional Court validated the legal standards forcing airlines to charge only half price for children's tickets. However, the court also wants the country's legislation to be amended to compensate airlines for these expenses, the court materials read.

The Constitutional Court examined the constitutionality of Air Code standards under which passengers have the right to transport children aged from two to twelve at a discounted rate. Polet Airlines, Siberia Airlines and UTair filed the applications.

The companies claimed that airlines incur multimillion losses by transferring children at half price. The companies filed their lawsuits with commercial courts.
However, the courts dismissed the lawsuits, stating that the right of passengers to buy tickets at discounted rates for children is not their privilege, but a paid service rendered by airlines.

The Constitutional Court maintains that the lawmaker is entitled to obligate companies to transport children at a discount rated, but the "establishment of benefits to transport children is connected with the state's intrusion into ownership rights, proprietary rights and the freedom of entrepreneurship."

"The Constitutional Court ruled that the federal lawmaker should make corresponding amendments to legal regulations, which should aim to comply with the balance of interests in transporting children by air," the court materials read.