MOSCOW, December 20 - RAPSI. Notaries will enjoy the single Interdepartmental Electronic Interaction System from 2012. However, people will be able to contact a notary using their computer only after legislation is adopted on notarial practice and on electronic documents, the Justice Ministry and the Federal Notarial Chamber told RIA Novosti at a Tuesday press conference.

The system is a primary component of e-government. Notaries with an electronic signature and the relevant powers will receive access to government databases.

Presently, 94 percent of the 7,560 notaries in Russia use the Single Information System, which contains 18 million entries on standard forms that may be used to verify the authenticity of a notarial document and a notarial act, 12 million searches of will notices, 4.8 million entries on probate cases, 544,000 entries on arrests and restrictions and 151,000 entries on revoked powers of attorney.

The current system enables to retrieve information on the peoples wills kept in the archives since 1980.