MOSCOW, December 27 - RAPSI. The Federation Council is contemplating inquiring at the Constitutional Court to clarify if the Constitution allows direct elections of senators.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said during his call-in that he considers it possible for Federation Council members to be directly elected from the candidates nominated by the parties holding parliamentary seats.

"We have already held the first meeting of a working group for developing a proposal to make the Federation Council elective and we want the Constitutional Court to clarify the Constitutional provision which states that the State Duma shall be elected and the Federation Council shall be formed from representatives of each regions legislative and executive authorities", Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko told journalists on Tuesday.

Their elucidation will help clarify how the elections should be held and whether they infringe on the rights of regional legislative and executive authorities, she said.

Matviyenko believes that one possible option is for a candidate for the governors position to run together with a candidate for the Federation Council. So far there are no options ready, but the council "will definitely find a solution", she added.