MOSCOW, June 19 - RAPSI. Chief Bailiff Artur Parfyonchikov has called for more cases to be tried under simplified procedure. He made the proposal during a meeting of court chairmen on Tuesday.

In accordance with legislation, only crimes punishable by up to 10 years in prison can be considered under simplified procedure.

"We propose to increase the term to 15 years," Parfyonchikov said.

He added that the respective draft law has already been prepared.

The bailiff said the move would relieve the workload on judges and bailiffs who are responsible for convoying defendants and bringing them to courts.

A case can be considered under simplified procedure if the defendant has pleaded guilty.

The court must also obtain the injured party and the prosecutor's approval to consider the case under simplified procedure.

Such proceedings are considered mitigating circumstances, helping the defendant to secure no more than two-thirds of the maximum possible punishment for the crime.