MOSCOW, August 30 - RAPSI. Political experts regard a bill proposing to impose administrative and criminal liability for statements posted anonymously on the Internet as dubious, saying that a great part of the society would be angered by it.

Moreover, experts believe it would be difficult to monitor unlawful online statements.

Russian daily newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta reported Wednesday that United Russia lawmakers will soon submit a bill designed to combat anonymous online statements which groundlessly criticize the authorities, in reference to journalists who are obliged to abide by the law in their printed publications, but who feel free to do as they wish on the Internet.

Duma Deputy Speaker Sergei Zheleznyak told RIA Novosti that the State Duma will consider the bill introducing administrative or criminal liability for unlawful statements posted anonymously on the Internet during its fall session.

Head of Strategy 2020 foundation and politologist Mikhail Remizov is sure that adopting this law will have a significant effect on the political climate and public opinion, especially in cyber space.

"If the sanctions work efficiently, it will lead to people using Aesopian language... It will make people express their ideas in such a way that they cannot be brought to court over their claims. However, the general dissatisfaction with the authorities will undoubtedly grow," holds Remizov.

Center for Political Technologies First Vice-President Alexei Makarkin shares this opinion.

"...The Internet is our territory of freedom with very liberal rules. Changes to these rules, tightening them, would be met with an extremely negative response from society," he told RIA Novosti.

Furthermore, he believes that the law would not be sufficiently effective, as there are very many "anonymous people who insult the authorities" on the Internet and it would be quite difficult to monitor all of their statements.