MOSCOW, September 26 - RAPSI. A Just Russia deputies have proposed amendments to advertising law to protect minors from harmful information, Izvestia daily reports.

One of the bill's sponsors, Mikhail Serdyuk, said banning advertisements for unhealthy food will help to maintain children's health.

Serdyuk proposed adopting a series of measures to protect children from advertising that may adversely affect their physical or psychological health.

Producers and distributors of soda water, gum, chips and other such products would be hit hardest by the amendments. The deputy also hopes to ban such advertising on the radio and the TV from 8:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m.

The draft law would also oblige radio stations and TV channels to increase broadcasting for children.

Serdyuk has referred to Western experience in promoting the bill. Belgium safeguards minors from certain advertisements as part of a children's health protection program. Advertising alcoholic beverages is prohibited. In the UK, advertising unhealthy food is banned.

The amendments are being developed and will soon be submitted to the State Duma.