MOSCOW, September 28 - RAPSI. The State Duma has voted to establish a new information policy, IT and communications committee.
The decision was supported by all the 436 deputies who took part in the voting.

The committee's composition has also been adopted.

The members will include A Just Russia MPs Alexei Mitrofanov and Andrei Tumanov, Liberal Democrats Denis Volchek and Vadim Dengin and United Russia deputies Vladimir Krupennikov and Olga Timofeyeva.

United Russia faction head Andrey Vorobyov believes Krupennikov and Timofeyeva are likely to become the committee's deputy heads.

Vorobyov noted that 15 Duma committees are headed by United Russia members and 14 are headed by the opposition. If Mitrofanov becomes the committee's head with United Russia's support, a parity will be established, he went on to say.

After the earlier dissolution of an analogous committee, information policy and media contact issues were handled by the culture committee. However, experience demonstrated that the area should be regulated independently.