MOSCOW, October 29 - RAPSI. State Duma deputies have proposed establishing high fines for smoking in inappropriate places after the anti-tobacco law comes into effect. The State Duma's Health Protection Committee is preparing the corresponding amendments to the Code of Administrative Violations.

The law drafted by the Healthcare Ministry proposes a ban on smoking at state, educational and cultural institutions, sports facilities, government offices, and on public transport, including an area of no less than 10 meters from railway stations, bus terminals, metro stations and airports.

The ban is also being introduced at places of work, multistory residential homes, beaches, play areas, medical institutions and sanatoriums, markets and sales outlets, and on long distance trains, vessels and air transport.

"The Code of Administrative Offenses needs amendments that will set real and, hopefully, large fines for violating the law," Sergei Kalashnikov, the head of the committee, said. "They are being prepared for the second reading of the anti-tobacco law at the State Duma."

He added that the fine amount is being discussed.

"I think these should be the largest fines possible under the Code of Administrative Violations," he said. "In any case, they should amount to several thousand rubles."