MOSCOW, November 20 - RAPSI. The State Duma may consider by the close of its autumn session amendments prohibiting jury trials in underaged sexual crime cases, Irina Yarovaya, the sponsor of the bill and the head of the Duma Security and Combating Corruption Committee, said on Tuesday.

Under the bill, child and teenage victims will be protected from the psychological trauma that results from a case being considered publicly and media reports about their suffering, she said.

She has also proposed financing rehabilitation measures for minors and providing them with a free attorney.

The bill also proposes establishing administrative supervision over pedophiles released from prison for 25 years, which in some cases should last for their entire lives, she said.

Pursuant to the bill, the media must be prohibited from disseminating information in such cases that discloses the under-aged victims or witness' identity, including their photos and descriptions of their suffering.

Such information can only be used to search for an underaged victim, she said.